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Voter Awareness Campaign by Mass for Awareness

Democracy is a form of government in which power is held by “the people" under a free electoral system. It is derived from the Greek δημοκρατία (dimokratia), "popular government" which was coined from δήμος (dēmos), "people" and κράτος (kratos), "rule, strength" in the middle of the 5th-4th century BC to denote the political systems then existing in some Greek city-states, notably Athens following a popular uprising in 508 BC.

When we talk about democracy, the popular phrase of Abraham Lincoln comes in mind that “Democracy is of the people, for the people and by the people”. This really is the ideal way of looking at the democratic system but being the biggest democracy in the world we can understand that level of participation and sense of ownership among people are not so high.

India is a democratic country . What is meant by democracy? Is it merely a system of government? According to the opinion of J.W Garner, the great political scientist "Democracy has been variously conceived as a political status, an ethical concept, and a social condition." Democracy is a system of living on the basis of certain social values. What are the peculiar values of democracy?

• Freedom
• Equality
• Fraternity
• Fundamental rights
• Social justice
• Independence of judiciary

Let us examine certain circumstances that put these values into practice

• All get opportunities
• Share responsibilities
• Opinions are expressed freely
• Respect the opinion of others
• Accept the opinion of the majority
• Ensure peoples’ participation
• Every one waits for his/her turn

What is democracy in its total sense?.“Democracy is not just a form of government, but also a way of life”. In a democratic system where people choose their representatives and sent them to legislative assembly / council or to parliament, election is the only medium through which voters can decide future of the political waves as well as the country. Basically election is being considered as “Festival of Democracy”. This can really be called festival when free and fair elections will be conducted and more important than this is when maximum number of voters will cast their precious votes. If we look at elections in India, we will find almost fifty percent voters do not exercise their right to vote surprisingly educated middle class.

The Campaign

“Vote for India” is a campaign for making people aware to understand the importance of free and fair election and more importantly to realize the power they have as their own precious vote. In India, we have always been talking about the electoral reforms and also we show our concern for choosing suitable candidates as people’s representative. This is only lack of awareness among the voters that results victory of those who have unparliamentary behaviour, criminal background and unfair track-record. “VOTE FOR INDIA” is a voter awareness campaign of Mass for Awareness. Organization has been working to spread awareness among voters to realize the value of their precious vote through various indooroutdoor cartoon exhibitions, seminars and road shows.

Campaign through various actions

• Online Campaign

Vote for India is widely covering large numbers of visitors through its online portals. Keeping in mind the increasing number of internet users in India, online campaign was launch to reach out the unreached mass throughout the country. Online campaign has been very effectively used particularly in small towns of India as a tool of spreading awareness among voters. URL of web portal is www.voteforindia.co.in

• Offline Campaign

Mass for Awareness has been working to spread awareness among voters to realize the value of their vote through various ways of offline campaign like indoor-outdoor cartoon exhibitions, seminars and road shows.

o Exhibition at India Gate :
As part of offline campaign an outdoor cartoon exhibition with the title “Sansad Par Hamla” on March 22, 2009 during 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM at India Gate, New Delhi in which cartoonists, writers, social workers, students, youth, teachers and citizen are expected to participate in large numbers.

o SMS Campaign : Mass for Awareness is going to initiate a SMS campaign which will be based of providing basic information and key facts about rights and privileges of voters. Through SMS campaign, organization will also appeal people to cast their invaluable votes essentially.

o Post Card Campaign : As an important part of Vote for India Campaign, a Post Card Campaign will be launch through which policy makers will be sensitized to pay attention for conducting free and fare election with greater participation of maximum number of voters enlisted in electoral roll.

An Appeal

Mass for Awareness appeals to the like-minded organizations and individuals, who are prepared to put their concern and commitment to strengthen the democracy and to promote and protect democratic rights of the people, to join the campaign and to take up the challenge of a strengthening and establishing a true democracy. Let’s join hand together for a better tomorrow.

Express your support by online by visiting www.voteforindia.co.in or
sending an e-mail at massforawareness@gmail.com or
writing at the address below :

Mass for Awareness

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Phone : +91-11-22248286
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E-mail : massforawareness@gmail.com
Website : www.voteforindia.co.in
Website : www.massforawareness.com

Voter Awareness Campaign - “Vote For India ”.

Vote For India

Awareness drive poster - III   “Sansad par hamla”.

sansad par hamla awareness drive II

Awareness drive poster - II   “Sansad par hamla”.

sansad par hamla awareness drive II

Awareness drive poster - I   “Sansad par hamla”.

sansad par hamla awareness drive I

Some cartoons of “Sansad par hamla” cartoon Exhibition.

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